Somalia and Saudi Arabia ink deal on civil aviation


RIYADH (LGN ) – The Somali government on Wednesday signed a civil aviation agreement with Saudi Arabia.

A delegation led the country’s minister for civil aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Salaad has held a round of negotiations with officials from Saudi Arabia’s Civil aviation ministry.

The sides discussed ways and prospects of improving bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of air transport.

The deal was signed by the minister for civil aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Salaad, and his Saudi counterpart Nabel Al Amoudi.

Speaking to the media, Minister Salaad said the agreement with Saudi Arabia will improve Somalia’s air transport sector.

“The agreement is part of the government’s efforts to improve the country’s civil aviation. We will continue to add more such agreements, which in turn will help to re-building in Somalia and the government encourages Saudi bid to fund Somalia to boost the economy and job creation in the country,’’ he said.

In 2016, Somalia inked a memorandum of understanding and initialed a bilateral agreement with Saudi Arabia.

The memorandum of understanding was stating that air operations between the two countries, “from” and “to” 4 international destinations to be determined at a later time by the two authorities.

The MoU was also articling the principle of multiple appointments of the national carriers on each side, as well as an agreement on the mode of transport, including code sharing and sudden and additional operational


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